Palfau Wasserloch Gorge – waterfalls and blooming cliff-top grassland

To get there, take the trail starting at the Wasserlochschenke restaurant across the Salza river via the suspension bridge. Continue your way down via various ladders and footbridges and you’ll end up just below the Wasserloch (“water hole”) – by the way, you’ve just tackled 300 vertical metres!

Don’t forget to marvel at the stunning waterfalls and rock walls along the way. This is a place where tender beauties thrive in peace, for instance the white-flowered lax cinquefoil and the maidenhair spleenwort. On a summer’s day, you can’t miss the chirping of the alpine dark bush-cricket and the upland green bush-cricket. And on some days, you may even spot a golden eagle circling above your head.

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