Natural gems

Special habitats, unique creations of nature and cultural heritage

Styrian Eisenwurzen’s natural gems are the region’s most outstanding spots and treasures. Before anything else, it is their uniqueness and scenic beauty that makes them so special. You can easily find some of them in our UNESCO Global Geopark, while some hidden gems will only reveal themselves to you as you take an expanded walk or take a minute to linger and explore the nature.

Kraus Cave – GeoDorf Gams

After noticing the fascinating dripstones - the stalagmites and stalactites -, the white gypsum crystal columns will certainly catch your eye. They represent a phenomenon throughout Styria. The [...]


Due to its natural course, the Mühlbach stream was declared a natural monument in 2006. The stream carries scree from the Gesäuse mountains. In addition to a trip to the gravel islands, the [...]

Noth Gorge GeoDorf Gams

There are two trails that lead through the 1.5 km Noth Gorge at GeoDorf Gams: a wooden footpath along the stream and a sloping cart path. Both allow you to discover the canyon-like beech forest [...]

Palfau Wasserloch Gorge

To get there, take the trail starting at the Wasserlochschenke restaurant across the Salza river via the suspension bridge. Continue your way down via various ladders and footbridges and you’ll [...]