Geotope database

Initial situation and brief description:

The Steirische Eisenwurzen has also been a UNESCO Global Geopark since 2015. According to the definition of UNESCO, a UNESCO Global Geopark is “an area with defined boundaries whose landscape and natural occurrence of rocks are of international scientific importance. The protection of this important scientific heritage and its communication in educational institutions and programs are essential prerequisites for the sustainable development of a region.” The first evaluation under UNESCO in 2019 was positively assessed with a green card. Evaluations of UNESCO Global Geoparks take place every 4 years by external experts. Recommendations for sustainable development are also given if the evaluation is positive. The next evaluation of the Styrian Eisenwurzen will therefore take place in 2023, and some implementations are also necessary in the scientific field in order to implement recommendations, strengthen research, improve local awareness-raising and the communication of geology.

The goals of the project are:

  • Evaluation of the geotope database of the Styrian Eisenwurzen
  • New edition of the map of the nature and geopark and first edition of the geological map of the Styrian Eisenwurzen
  • Educational materials on geology and soil for nature and geopark schools

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