Night sky over the border triangle

The border triangle between the Austrian federal states of Styria, Lower Austria and Upper Austria is not only known for its scenic beauty and diversity of species and habitats, but also for its dark night sky, which on clear nights is characterized by millions of stars and celestial phenomena. Unfortunately, this night sky is threatened by increasing light pollution, which not only affects the quality of the starry sky, but also has an impact on nocturnal creatures and human well-being.
In order to give the night sky the status it deserves, the Kalkalpen and Gesäuse National Parks, the Dürrenstein-Lassingtal Wilderness Area and the Styrian Eisenwurzen, Lower Austrian Eisenwurzen and Ötscher-Tormäuer Nature Parks have joined forces to launch the “Stars over the Three-Country Corner” project. They are accompanied by experts from the University of Vienna – Institute for Astrophysics, E.C.O.. Institute for Ecology and the Umweltdachverband.
Within the framework of the project, measurements of night sky quality will be carried out and possible suitable categories of nature night areas will be explored. In cooperation with the municipalities in the project area, information is to be exchanged and a basis for decision-making is to be developed in order to preserve the unique natural night sky.

Contact details Styria:
Nature and Geopark Styrian Eisenwurzen | Lisa Kniewasser
+43 3632 7714 |

Contact details Upper Austria:
Limestone Alps National Park | Joseph Forstinger
+43 7584 3951 |

Contact details Lower Austria:
Ötscher-Tormäuer Nature Park | Katja Weirer
+43 2728 21100 |

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