Austrian Nature Parks

Experience nature – understand nature

The Austrian Nature Parks are aware of their opportunities and want to seize them in full by intensifying cooperation in a joint umbrella organisation. Therefore, the existing Nature Parks merged to form the Association of Austrian Nature Parks (VNÖ) in autumn 1995. The aim of the association is the improvement of the Nature Parks’ qualities and the implementation of joint marketing projects.

Austrian Nature Parks share the following main traits:

  • The “Nature Park” title is only granted if all communities involved approve
  • All Nature Parks are freely accessible and open to the public
  • They represent protected areas: landscape regulations and, in some parts, even nature protection regulations apply
  • Special natural environment: great diversity of species and forms
  • Volunteers: individuals, initiatives and associations get involved on a voluntary basis
  • Depending on their history, Austrian Nature Parks differ in size ranging from 20 to 70,000 hectares, but also in human and financial resources.
  • Currently, there are 48 Nature Parks in Austria.

For further information, please visit our website and go to Association of Austrian Nature Parks.

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