Nature Park Community

Altenmarkt bei St. Gallen

Municipal Authority of Altenmarkt
Altenmarkt 2, A-8934 Altenmarkt
+43 (0) 3632 3060

Area: 43.05 km2
Population: 847 inhabitants
Economy/leading companies: Local supply centre, Georg Fischer GmbH und Co KG

Altenmarkt is believed to have been founded between 1138 and 1152. At the time, Gottfried of Wetternfeld, Emperor Conrad III’s ministerial, had a church built in honour of St. Gallus, now St. Gallen. Built on the territory of a freshly-cleared forest, the church was donated to Admont Abbey. The first reference to “Der alte Markt” (“the old market”) or “Altenmarkt” was made in 1335. It stands as a symbol of satisfying the local forest farmers’ need for culture.

After crossing the Styrian Upper land for 130.5 kilometres on a partly leisurely, partly temperamental run, the Enns river leaves Styria drawing another large curve into the romantic mountain landscape. The deeply furrowed riverbed forms a semicircle just before the border to Upper Austria, thereby giving room to a surmounted green terrace at 70 metres height. The old market town of Altenmarkt is located on the right bank of the terrace.

What makes this Nature Park community so special?
Nestled in the middle of the forest, this scenic village offers a wide range of possibilities for individual holiday or leisure activities. There are beautiful flat and well-kept forest paths for peaceful strollers who enjoy taking long walks, alpine pastures for mountain hikers, and the nearby Gesäuse Mountains offer cliffs for adventure-seeking high alpinists. The local gastronomy is designed to fit the needs of these specific types of guests. Additionally, there is an increasing number of increasingly taking routes via Altenmarkt that lead them along the Kessel via the historic hammer mills to Unterlaussa and on through the unique, well-known Hintergebirge Mountains.

Furthermore, visitors will find a swimming pool, tennis courts, curling rinks, an ice skating rink, a skateboard course and prepared cross-country ski trails. Don’t miss out on the so-called “Path of the Senses” which allows visitors to experience and learn about the natural environment in a playful way.

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