Styrian Eisenwurzen

Like all nature parks, the Styrian Eisenwurzen was awarded the title of “nature park” due to its special natural and cultural landscape. In order to preserve and develop this valuable landscape, the activities in nature park management do not only focus on the protection of nature, but are also supported by the three pillars of regional development, recreation and education. Interdisciplinary management is therefore necessary to harmonize and bring together the multitude of goals and demands of the different stakeholder groups in a nature park. In particular, the “dynamic, integrative nature conservation”, to which the Styrian nature parks pay special attention, implies that it is not about the sovereign prescription of duties, but about community approaches for the conservation of the natural and cultural landscape.

For the goal-oriented use of the available resources, it is important to have a professionally sound basis for taking the necessary steps. This will be done for the coming years within the framework of the preparation of a management plan. Within the framework of this, a participatory process with workshops and presentations will take place. The management plan should address the characteristics of the respective nature park. Factors from nature and cultural landscape protection, recreation and tourism, knowledge transfer and education as well as regional development will be taken into account.

Bild Copyright Gabriel Kirchmair | Natur- und Geopark Steirische Eisenwurzen Eisenwurzen
Participants in a management plan workshop work intensively on the so-called "tavern card"
Bild Copyright Gabriel Kirchmair | Natur- und Geopark Steirische Eisenwurzen Eisenwurzen
Butterfly mapping for the management plan, on some of our meadows you can find more than 10 species of butterflies right away!

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