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MONITORING RIVER LANDSCAPES SALZA and European protected area “Valley areas of the Göstling Alps”

With the help of this EAFRD project, various focal points and measures along the Salza in the nature park communities of Landl and Wildalpen will help to provide an in-depth overview of the nature park biodiversity. Detailed zoological data along the Salza will be collected by experts. These basic surveys serve to find protected goods, rare, endemic and endangered animal species, as well as to implement future measures in the areas of protection, awareness-raising, monitoring and the planning of any further mapping. In the Salza area in particular, basic data is scarce. Based on this basis, indicator species can be defined for the nature and geopark, which can be given more attention in the future. The focus of the project is also the newly designated European protection area “Southern valley areas of the Göstlinger Alps” in Wildalpen. Population surveys of the Fritillary Butterfly with classification of the degree of conservation in the protected area are taking place and the first supportive measures for the Fritillary Fritillary will be implemented in cooperation with the European conservation area manager. A standardized monitoring will be set up.

With the support of the State of Styria and the European Union

Logoleiste Eler | Natur- und Geopark Steirische Eisenwurzen

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