Path of nonSENSE in Altenmarkt


Does something make SENSE (SENSEful, SENSE rich, SENSE, deep SENSE, …), is something right or is it total nonsense – meaning NONSENSE (SENSEless, nonsense, insane, nonsense, madness)? Sometimes this is not immediately recognizable in nature (e.g. animal records, behavior, hallucinations, etc.).

From culinary delights to touch, from birdsong at sunrise to the beauty of landscapes…
The subject of SENSUALITY offers countless pleasurable (SINNesfrenzy, SINNesjoy) and touching approaches (SENSUSLY, SENSUALLY rich) for conveying nature content. Last but not least, this closes the circle to the 5 SENSES. In addition, there is the question of the SENSE of life (QUESTION OF SENSE, giving of SENSE, deep SENSE) – What else do we expect from life?

Experience exciting sensory experiences on a guided excursion in Altenmarkt near Sankt Gallen based on 12 stations.

Some visitors may experience a change in their sense of nature after visiting the trail. Especially in SENSE crises, some profound SENSE sayings can give SENSE and create SENSE, counteract the gloom of SENSE with SharpSENSE and bring more FrohSENSE into everyday life.

Spring to autumn depending on the weather

Contact & Further information
A-8933 St. Gallen, Markt 35
Tel: +43 (0) 3632 7714

 Foeg Leiste Bundelerlandleadereu Stmk A Rgb

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