“Climate fit forest” themed trail

in Gams

In April 2022, the NETGEN ( ) “Climate Fitter Forest” themed trail along the Salza in the district of Landl, district of Gams, officially opened. The path begins at the Kaiserbauer farm west of Gams and ends at a bench with a wonderful view of the Salza. A total of six stations load up the Gasteiger circular hiking trail with information on the topic of climate-friendly forests and contribute to raising awareness. Along the picturesque, turquoise-green Salza and under tall yew trees, the protective function, habitat and climate function of the forest are now discussed.

More information about the stations is available here: netgen.or. at/demoflaechen

Download: netgen.or .at/Factsheet…

This themed trail was funded by the Climate and Energy Fund and as part of the “KLAR! – Climate Change Adaptation Model Region”.

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