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Climate fit tree bazaar

What’s planned?

As part of the measure, 2 “climate-friendly tree bazaars” will be held in autumn 2022 and 2023 (beginning – mid-September) as part of a regional event in autumn (season end Austrian Forest Museum Silvanum). 1,250 tree seedlings (forest plants) are given away each time. When selecting the plants, deciduous trees are primarily chosen to diversify the regionally predominant coniferous forest stocks, in coordination with the experts of the district chamber for agriculture and forestry of the Liezen district. The first climate-friendly tree bazaar will take place on September 24th, 2022 in the forest museum Silvanum, Großreifling.

What has already happened?

Climate fitter tree bazaar 09/24/2022

The first climate-friendly tree bazaar was held as part of the museum festival in the Silvanum forest museum. As a result, synergies could be used and the KLAR! and the museum association benefited from this cooperation. “Together instead of alone!”

A total of 40 participants attended the climate-fit tree bazaar and listened to the interesting lectures by DI Georg Hörmann, Liezen Chamber of Agriculture and Forestry – lectured on the dynamic forest typification – climate-fit forest perspectives in the Eisenwurzen, DI Alexander Vilsmeier, GmbH</ a> – presented the digital platform for rewarding forest ecosystem services. With this, the CO2 storage potential of boreal and temperate forests in Europe can be determined and the amount of tradable CO2 credits can be calculated. In the future, solutions for biodiversity should also be developed. Water storage capacity etc. will follow  and DI Christian Tippelreiter, Holzcluster Steiermark informed, “The future is built on wood : Innovations and technologies – what we can build on with hardwoods in the future.” 

Of the 40 participants, 20 small forest owners each received around 60 climate-friendly tree seedlings (sessile and common oak, sycamore, silver fir and wild cherry).

Impressionen vom klimafitten Baumbasar

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The interested forest owner can use the silviculture consultant to find out which tree species will grow in their own forest as a result of climate change. Dynamic forest typing is currently only available in Styria.

If you have any questions about dynamic forest typing, please contact the responsible Chamber of Agriculture and Forestry in your region: Bezirkskammer | District of Styria (

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