Adjustment measure 04

Climate change forest excursion

What’s planned?

The aim of the measure is to sensitize forest owners to the topic of sustainable forest management (preservation of genetic diversity, mixed forest instead of monocultures, care, site-specific choice of tree species, natural regeneration, sustainable / small-structured forms of management). This is done through formats tailored to the target group (excursions and day of action).

What has already happened?

Excursion with opening of the “Climate Fit Forest” themed trail

The CLEAR! The Styrian Eisenwurzen Nature and Geopark now has a new themed trail. On April 21, 2022, the “Climate Fitter Forest” themed trail along the Salza in the Landl/Gams municipal area was officially opened. A total of six stations load up the Gasteiger circular hiking trail with information on the topic of climate-friendly forests and contribute to raising awareness. A total of 25 visitors from young to old came to the opening and were informed by Anna-Maria Walli, Federal Research Center for Forests, on the topic of “Climate Fit Forest”. You can find more information about the individual stations at: www.netgen.or .at/track/hieflau

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