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Climate fit show gardens

What’s planned?

So-called climate-friendly show gardens in all 4 KLAR! Municipalities should bring new types of vegetables and fruit closer to different target groups. The 4 show gardens are about raising awareness and rethinking. Farmers in particular should be encouraged to plant other varieties that are currently not typical of the region at home. This stimulates a corresponding adaptation to climate change early enough. Technical knowledge from the agricultural colleges Grabnerhof and Raumberg-Gumpenstein is also used. Information on seeds from the association Arche Noah is also used.

What has already happened?

Selection of garden locations

A total of 3 show gardens are now being created, which should invite you to experiment. The gardens are located at Kassegg Castle, Erb, Erika Hollinger, Landl and Kathrin Ehweiner, Wildalpen. In the future, events on climate-friendly gardening are to be held in the gardens.

Hands-on days with VS Landl and St. Gallen

Even the youngest should be introduced to the nursery, since self-sufficiency is the best precaution. Therefore, on March 29th and 30th. Sowing campaigns organized at the nature park schools VS St. Gallen and VS Landl. The pre-grown seedlings are then planted in May.

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